Northside Community Church is a group of everyday people that meet together to worship God and realize the plans that He has for us. We believe that our mission is to impact the community in a positive way – by speaking and living out the good news of Jesus.

Since 1981

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Weekly Services

Sundays 10am


We meet every Sunday at 10am. A typical service goes for about 60-75 minutes and we always have coffee/ snacks following. In fact – that’s an important part of our meeting together! Plenty of parking is available on site, including at the rear of the building.


Mission Possible

We see it as our job to equip people. Not for church, but for life!

At Northside, we are inspired by the ancient text found in 1 Peter 4:8-11. It speaks about loving each other, looking beyond a person’s past and into their future. It talks about unselfish hospitality and using whatever gifts we have to serve others, so that in all that we do and say God might be worshipped. That’s the church family that we see at Northside – and the type of church that we want to be a part of. We hope that you might be a part of it too. Why not drop by and check us out? We would love to meet you.

Luke and Melanie Yeoman
Lead Pastors