Small Groups

Our larger gatherings on a Sunday are great to encourage the whole Church to worship together and inspire us to live a life that puts Christ first, but the real test is how we live outside of the church’s four walls. Small groups are great to assist us in developing our values and character. It’s where real friendships are made and where we can get to know one another with all of our faults and failings. At Northside we place value on the benefits of small group meetings. We might meet as a small study group, a men’s coffee morning, a ladies dinner, music team, an interest group like cycling or golf or many other groups. So, get involved! Find out about the small groups that you can belong to and make it a priority. You won’t look back.


Did you know that the words serving and worship are inseparable in The Bible? One of the ways that we can serve/worship is to volunteer for one or more of the many tasks that ‘just need to get done’ to keep the church ticking along. It might be maintenance, gardening, cleaning, preparing morning teas etc. See the rear information counter following our Sunday services to sign up for volunteer activities.


Our prayer group meets weekly and also communicates via email during the week to ensure that we are praying for the needs in the church. For further details, see the information desk at the rear immediately following our Sunday service. If you have a specific prayer request, you may also choose to send us webmail via the Contact Us section of the website.

Overseas Missions

Northside Community Church has always had a strong overseas missionary focus. Our primary focus is with our near neighbour, Indonesia. We are specifically involved in support of projects in various parts of this nation. Over the years, many relationships have been cultivated and we are so excited that ‘kids’ that we have helped support, have now grown into the leaders of the church in Indonesia.

Missions – There are many other opportunities that we have responded to in different areas of the world, including Thailand, Cambodia and Africa. Our goals are always to support and cultivate the local leadership in each location. Our support may come in the form of prayer, financial assistance, physical support teams, teaching, disaster relief or whatever is required when the need is presented.