Jerry Dirmann is the author of OPERATION: SOLID LIVES, as well as the founder and Senior Pastor of The Rock, based in Anaheim, CA. Along with his wife Kimberly, Jerry has served in various ministries over the past 25 years, including being the National Youth Director for The Foursquare Church.

In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus gave the Great Commission, “Go” and “Make disciples of all nations.” He didn’t command us to go and simply make converts, but He specifically said, make disciples. The question then is… “How do we do this?” How do we fulfill the Great Commission in our local context, and raise up men and women who are disciples of Jesus, who then grow to become disciple makers?

That’s where Operation: Solid Lives (OSL) comes in.

OSL is a highly effective and proven system of discipleship that has been written, tested, and refined–time and again–for over 20 years, to both maximize its ability to impact an individual and to accommodate masses of genuinely hungry believers. OSL is designed to saturate students with the Word of God, drawing them into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

OSL is designed with five levels which build-one upon another- to lay a solid biblical foundation. All levels include powerful audio teachings, daily bible reading and response journaling, Bible memorization and other key disciplines.

Even if you have been a Christian for many years and attended various conferences and courses, I can honestly say Operation Solid Lives will challenge you in a way never experienced before.  It will make you weep, encourage and strengthen you.  The teaching is simple to understand and deeply refreshing.  Be prepared for the love of the Lord to flood your heart and transform your life.” Colette – Butler WA.