Welcome to Northside Community Church Joondalup

Please be patient with us as we are rebuilding our website live over the holidays. Most things should be working… it might be a little clunky over the break. We thought it was better than going into ‘maintenence’ mode. Thanks!

Looking for a Church in Joondalup? Please feel free to have a look around our site. We would be pleased if you would visit with us sometime. You are more than Welcome at Northside Community Church!

Northside Church Joondalup Services
Are you looking for details of the right church service in Joondalup for you or your family? At Northside Church, our services and programs cater for everyone and you are most welcome to visit anytime. Click on the link above to find full details of our service times.

Northside Church Joondalup Senior Pastors

Hardy and Vicky Churlew are the Senior Pastors of Northside Community Church, Joondalup. Hardy also serves as the Supervisor of Foursquare Churches in Western Australia. If you are visiting, Hardy and Vicky – as well as the other Pastors and leaders would love to meet you.

Northside Church Joondalup Vision

At Northside Church Joondalup, we believe that each person can look forward with confidence to all of the goodness that God has planned for their life. Our Vision is our take on what the future will look like for our Church. Of course, every Church has a slightly different outlook as to where they would like to be positioned in the future. Click on the link to discover where we are headed.

Northside Church Joondalup Beliefs

Northside Community Church is a part of the Foursquare Gospel Churches worldwide. Foursquare is one of the longest serving and fastest growing Pentecostal denominations in the world. Click on the link above to get a brief summary of what we believe.